This Overshadowed Planet

“If the Brits, Nazis, and the CIA plotting together… with a huge underground base is too weird for you, then the tales of Lizard Aliens being involved may be too much to swallow. And yet, that is what some informants of the DIA precisely state. Some allege that evil Reptilians and Alien Greys are the true masters of the underground bases (they are also reputedly the true masters of the Pentagon, but that’s another story) and are using human slave labor in these deep underground bases, much of this slave labor being children…

Are the tales of aliens true or fantasy? That is open to debate. There are some who believe that reports of alien beings involved in black budget operations is a deliberate leak, an attempted smokescreen to discredit any legitimate research in the nefarious work of the Secret Government. There are others who insist that they are the truth. In either case, the only place where alien sightings are reported in the korporate media is in the tabloids, which means it is either being marginalized, being used as propaganda, or (perhaps) both.”


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