How To Steal An Airliner *AND* Fake a Hijacking

“This “official” version of what happened on September 11, 2001, has been challenged by many people. Here is a short and incomplete list of objections, most of them still not addressed by officials responsible for the clearing up of the crime:

– The names of the hijackers don’t appear on the passenger list
– There is no video footage of the hijackers passing the security check at the airport
– The flying skills of the alleged pilot Mohammed Atta were hardly sufficient to hit the Tower
– The hijackers didn’t choose the optimal flight path
– The phone calls from the airplane which are meant to be the strongest proof for a hijacking are not genuine
– Some or all of the missed passengers of Flight 11 embarked on the wrong plane

The sheer amount of unexplained contradictions has inevitably led to the development of alternative scenarios for Flight 11…”

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