Children of The Matrix – 18

“We think we live in a “world” [when] in fact, we live in a frequency range. That’s all it is. We are trapped in a frequency range and, therefore, trapped in an illusion.

The “world” we see around us is merely the tiny fraction of multi-dimensional infinity that our physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste can access. The physical world we perceive is like a radio station and our physical senses are tuned to its frequency. So that is all we see. But all around us are the other frequencies or densities of infinite creation – the ones that “science” has denied exist…

These are the frequencies that can be seen and heard by animals, like cats, when they react to apparently “empty” space, and dogs when they hear sounds far higher than we can. Newborn babies also react to “empty” space until their senses are imprisoned by conditioning.

These are the frequencies accessed by true psychics – the oracles of the ancient world – who can raise their vibration to tune into these unseen realms.”

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