“One of the most important things to be understood about man is that man is asleep. Even while he thinks he is awake, he is not. His wakefulness is very fragile; his wakefulness is so tiny it doesn’t matter at all. His wakefulness is only a beautiful name but utterly empty.”

Ancient Civilizations – Nazca


“Nazca lines and figures reflect a measurement of the heavens. I am amazed that no one else has seen the two circular 360 spoked circles in the Nazca lines. So-called scientists just simply do not look. These two 360 centers show one triangulation of the northern heavens and one triangulation of the southern heavens. The figures marked on the earth represent stellar constellations.”

Children of The Matrix – 12


“When I began to consciously investigate what was really happening in the world, I had heard mention of reptilian beings. But naturally, it seemed so fantastic that I put the information on the back burner until I could make some sense of it. That started to happen in early 1998 when I was traveling around the United States. In a period of about 15 days, I met 12 separate people in different locations, and from very contrasting walks of life, who told me the same basic story of seeing a “human” change into a reptilian form before their eyes…”