Anunnaki history and the role of Reptilian ETs – Part 1

“According to the Sumerian records, the Anunnaki first landed on Earth about 450,000 years ago at which time the evolution of Earth was at the point of higher apes. The Anunnaki came to Earth not to play God, but for a more practical reason: to mine it for minerals for use on their home planet. The hardship of mining work soon became too much for them, and they came to the idea of slave labor. The ruler of their home planet Anu ordered his son Enki, who worked on the Earth mission as the chief genetic scientist, to create a new being, a slave worker, through genetic engineering.

The being had to be advanced enough to perform complex work, i.e., more advanced than any of the available animals, but also less advanced than the Anunnaki themselves so that they could justify not treating the new beings as moral persons and use them as slaves. Enki’s solution was to create a genetic hybrid between Earth’s higher apes and the Anunnaki themselves. After many failed experiments recounted in detail in the Sumerian Atra-Hasis epic, there was a success. The result was Homo Sapiens.”

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