Accessing High Frequency Energy With Your Pineal Gland

“If you want to be healthy at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, you need to learn how to access high frequency energy. This type of healing energy is essential for health for the reason that it raises the frequency of your body and soul. The frequency rate of your body plays an essential role for your health, because it affects the performance of your body. For this reason, when you surround yourself with high frequency energy, your health improves… when you surround yourself with low frequency energy, your health deteriorates.

According to some frequency researchers, a healthy human body’s frequency rates are between 62 and 78 MHz. Any frequency rate below 62 MHz will make the human body vulnerable to illness and disease…

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located at the center of your brain. It looks somewhat like a pine cone, which is why it is called the pineal gland. Many spiritual teachers like to refer to the pineal gland as the third eye, inner eye, all-seeing eye, spiritual eye, or mind’s eye… this gland allows us to access healing energies that contain high frequency…

Many ancient civilizations and spiritual teachers believe that when the third eye is activated and functioning properly, it allows us to see beyond the perception of ordinary sight. In other words, it can help us see beyond the physical realm… The more you practice using your pineal gland or third eye to see beyond the material world, the stronger it gets. As your pineal gland becomes stronger and more active, your ability to access high frequency energy will increase…

For more detailed information about frequency and disease, read this informative article titled The Relationship Between Disease and Energy Frequency.”

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Ebola Hoax : Hidden Purpose of the Operation

“Behind every phony pandemic, there are a number of agendas in play. In this case, the Globalist heavy hitters, who are dedicated to managing the planet, view things this way: ***Use a crisis to build a larger structure than previously existed. As in: one global healthcare system. All-encompassing.

The propaganda? “We can’t defeat Ebola unless all nations form one system that allows prevention and quarantine and immediate treatment anywhere on Earth.”

In that sense, Ebola is the occasion for adding wings to the system. Ditto for every so-called epidemic.

Well, we faced down and ultimately defeated virus X. But at great cost of life. Now we have to build better bridges between the healthcare systems of nations—and finally, we need one great Dispensary that adjudicates where drugs and vaccines go, who is quarantined, which borders are sealed off, at any point on the globe.”

We’re talking about a very high-level op here.

The Globalist dream? A single cradle-to-grave maze every person on earth follows, as a docile patient taking orders, submitting to diagnoses, taking vaccines and drugs, allowing their bodies and minds and energies and strength and independence to be drained away.

A single global medical system is the ideal structure of control…

There are some who welcome such an enterprise, naively believing it will mean greater health for all. For them, I cite (as I frequently do) Dr. Barbara Starfield’s shattering review: “Is US health really the best in the world?” …

Starfield concluded that, every year in the US, the medical system directly kills 225,000 people. Every year. That’s 2.25 MILLION deaths per decade. So imagine, if you will, what would happen if the Globalist dream of one “healthcare” system for the planet came true.” ~Jon Rappoport

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“This government has mishandled the response to this virus at every possible turn to the point that a growing number of people believe the whole thing is a blown-out-of-proportion hoax. Well at this point, it’s either a hoax, or some people are working extra hard at allowing themselves to look like total idiots while purposefully making sure the virus spreads in this country.”

“Now, nearly 100 lawmakers are in favor of West African travel restrictions…but, nope. If this was really the threat it has been cooked up to be, wouldn’t they ban it? Otherwise it looks like they’re leaving it wide open for Ebola to come here…”


“Ebola is a health crisis. Yet the President has appointed as his new Ebola ‘czar’ a partisan loyalist whose expertise is politics—not health. One would think, faced with the prospect of an epidemic, the President would task an expert in epidemiology not an expert in political spin. Sound bites are not going to deter a single infection or save a single life. The American people can have zero confidence in Ron Klain’s competence to carry out this critical role.” ~Senator Jeff Sessions

“THERE WAS NO PROTOCOL” : Dallas Nurses’ Statement Is a Horrifying Timeline of Ebola FAIL

“[I]f officials were taking this Ebola outbreak seriously with the level of respect a real Ebola outbreak of this reported magnitude deserves, then from the beginning it has been handled as if we’re all living in the movie Idiocracy where common sense has long ago gone extinct. Or perhaps the people in charge all got together in a big room and watched the film Outbreak, just to find out what not to do and then do it all.

This whole Ebola situation has been playing out on the American stage like a bad horror film written by people with 9th grade educations who took a screenwriting class on the weekends at the local YMCA or something.

After ["Patient Zero," Thomas] Duncan’s nurse Nina Pham was diagnosed with Ebola, [CDC Director] Dr. Frieden told everyone it was a breach in protocol that led to Pham getting infected. This is the same protocol Frieden had been working overtime to reassure America is so rigorous that it would stop the Ebola virus in its tracks. The same protocol which, obviously, failed on Duncan.

Well, according to the nurses working behind the scenes with Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital: “There was no protocol.”

NO protocol. Not just crappy protocol or lacking protocol, but no protocol whatsoever.

Just let that sink in for a minute…

And now we’re being told another nurse from that hospital who cared for Mr. Duncan has Ebola, and got on a plane from Cleveland to Dallas with a low-grade fever prior to her diagnosis…

From now on, just know that when the CDC director says “protocol was breached,” it’s another useless line out of his mouth that no one can believe because apparently there wasn’t any protocol at all. In fact, it was the CDC who told the second Ebola-infected nurse that it was okay if she flew.

If you feel like saying the ‘F’ word repeatedly at this point, you are not alone. This whole situation is one giant clusterf— of ineptitude of the most moronic caliber. Unless, of course, the people at the top know something the rest of us don’t.”

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